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Typely upcoming, generate PDF report

After a few email exchanges with an English teacher, I decided to add this functionality in our next release. Apparently, we have some teachers using Typely to check out various documents from their students. They create screenshots and send them back along with some comments/annotations. The complaint was that our interface makes it hard to capture the whole content/report in one go and they must do multiple shots.

I don't just jump to implement every suggestion but this one really makes sense. It took me 2 days to get a "barely" functional PDF report generator but it looks nice and I'm sure it will be used quite a lot. With a simple click we send the results back to the server which starts working on the report immediately and, once it's done, it pushes back a PDF file for download.

The design stretches vertically to contain every bit of information we have in our editor but without any sort of scrolling or hidden (hidden in PDF? right…) content. Just a simple file that you can embed inside an email and send it out.

It's still a work in progress but I'm ready to show you a preview. It has some incomplete features visible but those are still in progress as well.