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Typely upcoming, save your work

Continuing from my last post I wanted to show you guys a preview of our next feature that will be introduced in the same update. This one will pave the way for many future integrations and, possibly, a standalone desktop application. I'm talking about the ability to authenticate and save your work.

As you may have noticed, I like offering choices to my users. The ability to save a certain work will function even if you're not logged in but that will only get stored inside the browser's cache making it accessible only on the same device and browser.

My database of choice (and authentication for that matter) is Firebase for it's seamless integration with client web application. It's working very well, it is real-time and it allows me to keep my backend code light and focused.

This update will enforce me to switch on https (don't know why I haven't done it yet) and add an EULA & Privacy policy pages. All of these things were on my to-do list anyway but I kept pushing them back so I'm happy to cross so many off my list.