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Typely update, read it out loud

Today I'm happy to share with you guys our latest update to the application: text to speech.

It's a feature that I had on my list for a long time but kept pushing back and I don't know why because it really is widely used for proofreading.

I didn't really give much importance to it up until testing it and watching how my own mind behaves when I read, read out load or have someone else read it out for me.

When I read my own writing I fail to catch my mistakes big time. It's probably because I wrote it, I know what's coming and I often skip entire passages due to this reason alone. It's a shallow way of proofreading.

When I read it out loud myself, things change. The mind is now the listener and not the reader. I don't skip anything (because I have to read them loud) and my attention is way more present…kinda. But, knowing the text so well, I tend to rush it down.

While testing the new feature and had someone else read it to me loud (even if it's just an AI sounding a bit weird) the whole game changed entirely. It was like someone, an audience, was reading my work. My mind was 100% "there" for the whole time, waiting for the reader's impression, catching everything.

It's still in BETA so it might not behave as expected but it sure is ready for a try. Due to the way it works internally, I am forced to apply a monthly limit of 20,000 characters. I will lift this limitation once I figure out a way to separate some features into a Premium plan. I could also add the ability to pick the gender (male or female) and the accent (British, American, Australian) but let's just wait and see what feedback is there…I don't want to work too much on things that are not used.