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Typely update, visualize your phrases

I'm happy to announce that Typely is now able to show you exactly which phrases are responsible for a given metric. We always displayed the metrics regarding grade level, sentiment analysis and reading ease but that was just an overview of the whole document.

I received a lot ot requests to make it possible to determine exactly which bits are responsible for bringing those numbers up or down:

…on top of this, the analysis at the bottom could suggest some things are worth changing (negative -> positive, improving reading ease, etc.), it would be nice if you could suggest what I should change to help me improve those metrics.

If you have a goal in mind, this feature will help you stay on track and identify what needs to be changed and where.

Typely now offers a phrase by phrase breakdown for those metrics. To activate the panel go to the “Stats” tab on the sidebar and click on the bottom area.