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  1. Hi... Is my first time in Typely, I am learning writing in English , and this is an excellent tool for me. This allow me correct my writings in the most practical issues, except Grammar. My QUESTION OR SUGGESTION IS: WHY DONT YOU HAVE A BOTTON OR ICON FOR ERASE/DISMISS OR ERASE DOCUMENT, NEXT TO THE RED OPTION IN RESULTS WHERE SAYS: SAVE YOUR DOCUMENT , Maybe you could add next to this the option : ERASE DOCUMENT ???? PLEASE? Because I do not find the option to erase the doc and sustitute for another one quickly withpoit save. So, in my case, I use interchange documents frequently, adn I think this option could be very useful for all users of Typely. Thank you so much for your Excellent Program.... Sounds and Pomodoro included...!!!! Sorry, I forget another suggstion>>> could you add an Icon to erase or dismiss your suggestions of correction highligted in the text? I mean, with out disable the results (blue round botton). Because this erase all the possible errors higlighted, and not just the one we want overlook. (Like in Grammarly?), sorry. Thank you so much Felix


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